Participating making skins for a certain maximum number of randomly selected the winner, who will receive all skins. Chance of winning depends on the value entered skins.
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ATTENTION! Please read our FAQ below before you ask a question. This would help answer your questions quickly!
• Question: I did not receive all the items after winning!
Answer: For each game, we charge a commission of 1% to 10%.
• Question: I did not receive my prize!
Answer: Before you write to support, check - whether a link to the exchange settings (

Sending items may take up to 15 minutes (depending on the workload of bots), and note that the privacy settings of your Steam account is your inventory must be open:

The most common mistakes:

1 Your link exchange is inscribed with an error or accidentally inscribed twice.
2 Prescribe outdated reference to the exchange (ie you create a new link, and the old left is inscribed on our website).
3 Be sure to check to see if your inventory is full Steam (no more than 1,000 items). At a crowded trade inventory you can not be sent. If inventory is full, sell some of the items on the trading floor, pass the subjects of the other party or use exchange contracts.
4 Inventory should be open in your profile Steam. After changing these settings, be sure to get out and log back into Steam and on our website.

If you find such an error, correct it first and then write in support for winning.
• Question: Why is my bet rejected?
Answer: A bet is not accepted in the following cases:

1 If you are trying to make a bet worth less than 1, which is the minimum bet in this game.
2 If you are trying to put more than 15 items.
3 If your bet contains souvenir items or sets that are not accepted in our raffle.
4 If we were unable to determine the value of your item. For this error, please give us the name of your item.
5 Only items for CS:GO are accepted. If you sent a trade with items from another game, such trade will also be rejected.
If you didn't find an answer to your question here, you can contact our Support Service through the form below or write us through VK.
Do not duplicate their appeals through the form of support and through VKontakte. Please send only one way, or solution to your problem may be delayed!