Participating making skins for a certain maximum number of randomly selected the winner, who will receive all skins. Chance of winning depends on the value entered skins.
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About the site
Each participant makes a bet in the raffle with items from CS: GO.
The larger your bet, the more your chance to win. However, the chance is not 100%. When the round ends, the system randomly determines a winner, who gets the entire jackpot. In this game, every participant has the chance to win. It all depends on luck!
1 You make a bet with items from CS:GO.
2 A participant may enter up to 15 items per round for a total cost of at least 1.
3 A round starts when at least two participants enter the game. A round lasts for exactly 3 minutes. A round ends earlier if 100 items have been received.
4 The system allocates a winning percentage to each participant depending on the size of his bet and those of other participants.
5 The raffle is conducted once the round ends. The system determines the winner. The larger and more expensive your items are, the more your chance to win. However, even with a minimum bet, you have a chance to become the winner!
6 The winner receives all the items from the draw minus the commission charged by the system.
Let's assume that two persons are participating in the raffle. The first entered items worth 4, while the second person placed items worth 6. The system will automatically give the first person 40% chance of winning, and the second person 60%.
As we can see, the larger the betting amount, the higher the chance of winning. However, the chance is not 100%. The system can choose the winner from any of them. Remember that the participant with a smaller bet still has a 40% chance to win the jackpot, and this is a very high chance. Here, it's all about luck!
Even with a minimum bet, you have the chance of winning the jackpot. Participate now and win! We wish each of our participants nothing but VICTORY!
1 The minimum bet is 1. It can be one item or several items worth at least that amount.
2 The participant can put not more than 15 items for one raffle.
3 The commission charged by the system varies from 1 to 10% depending on the prize.
4 Items placed by the winner of the round are not included when calculating the commission. If a participant wins, all items placed by him in that round will be returned back.
5 The prize is handed out immediately and automatically. In rare cases, it may take just few minutes.
6 You agree to the Terms of Use of this website each time you send items.
7 If your inventory is closed, or you entered an incorrect link to the inventory, you can within 1 hour correct this by yourself or with the help of our technical support. We will try to send your prize consistently within the allotted time.
8 A round lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes. If more than 100 items are received in a round, the raffle is conducted straight away without waiting for the 3 minutes to elapse.
9 Items are accepted only for CS:GO. If there are items from other games or from Steam during transfer of deposit, such transfers will be rejected automatically.
10 The value of an item can be correctly estimated only if that item is available on the Steam market, else, it will be estimated approximately. In this case, the skin of the item does not affect its valueь.
11 Souvenir items are not accepted in the game.
12 After confirmation rate is the probability that your articles do not have time to get to the current game, and fall into one of the following. This is due to the fact that the information on your Trade must come from Steam to our bot, and it must handle this trade. If Steam sends bot trade after resetting the timer, the robot detects it in the new round. To avoid such situations, confirming the bid as soon as possible, then the probability of getting into the next game is very small.
13 We reserve the right to send to the winner random items that are equivalent to the prize if we failed to deliver the prize on time.
14 The administration does not consider the appeal to the Tech. Support for lost trade, if more than 3 hours after the transmission of things bot. As the story keeps a certain number of trades. And if you write after more than 3 hours, your stuff is not found.